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FJ A01
Name:Money Binding Machine


Function characteristics:

1.According to the regulations of the people’s bank of 2cm standard tape use

2.Tape can be adjusted

3.Firm note elastic adjustable

4.Instant heating, namely open and play

5.Real-time display the number of bundled

6.No paper detection function, put and end to repeat paper feed cause jam phenomenon

7.Automatic fault detection and display


Technical parameters

1.Type: A01 type(appliance with wheel) binding tape position can by adjusted

2.Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

3.Power consumption: 20-80W

4. Bundle of notes speed: 2seconds/time

5. Bundle of notes position: banding tape center to the notes short side of the distance of 10-83mm

6.Weight: 6kg

Physical size: 245*178*218mm